How to Upgrade Your Assurance Wireless Phone

assurance wireless activation

Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade Wed, Sep, 2022 is a program that allows customers to upgrade their Assurance Wireless phones. The program provides customers with a new phone, as well as a new service plan and minutes.

Customers can choose to either keep their old phone or trade it in for a new one. The program is available to all Assurance Wireless customers, regardless of income or credit history.

If you need a new phone or are eligible for an upgrade, you can get a free smartphone through Assurance Wireless. You’ll need to meet certain income requirements and have valid identification. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of smartphones.

To upgrade your phone, log in to your account on the Assurance Wireless website and select the “Upgrade Phone” option. You’ll see a list of available phones to choose from. Select the one you want and follow the instructions to complete your order. Your new phone will be shipped for free and should arrive within 7-10 days.

If you need help with your phone or have questions about your account, you can contact Assurance Wireless customer service by phone or email. Customer service is available Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm EST.

Why And When To Upgrade Your Assurance Wireless Phone?

If your current Assurance Wireless phone is not meeting your needs, you may be eligible to upgrade to a new phone. You can upgrade your phone once every 365 days.

There are several reasons why you might want to upgrade your Assurance Wireless phone. Maybe you need a phone with more features, such as a better camera or more storage space. Or maybe your current phone is starting to show its age and isn’t as reliable as it used to be.

Whatever the reason, upgrading your Assurance Wireless phone is easy and only takes a few minutes. Best of all, it’s free! So if you’re considering an upgrade, be sure to check with Assurance Wireless first.

Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone

What Is the Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade Process?

The Assurance Wireless phone upgrade process is a simple one that can be completed in just a few steps.

  1. First, customers will need to log into their account on the Assurance Wireless website.
  2. From there, they will select the “Upgrade Phone” option and choose the new phone they would like to receive.
  3. Once the new phone has been selected, customers will need to review and agree to the terms and conditions before confirming their order.
  4. After the order has been placed, Assurance Wireless will ship the new phone directly to the customer’s home address.

The entire phone upgrade process can be completed online in just a few minutes, making it easy and convenient for customers to get the latest and greatest handset without having to leave home or wait in line at a store.

Plus, with Assurance Wireless’s affordable service plans, upgrading your phone doesn’t have to break the bank – you can still stay connected without spending a fortune.

How To Upgrade Assurance Wireless Phone?

If you have an Assurance Wireless phone that is more than two years old, you may be eligible to upgrade your phone. To see if you are eligible, visit the Assurance Wireless website or call customer service.

Upgrading your phone will give you access to new features and a better overall experience. It is important to note that not all phones are compatible with Assurance Wireless. If you upgrade to a new phone, it is possible that you will lose some features that were available on your old phone.

To upgrade your Assurance Wireless phone, simply select the “Upgrade Now” option on the website or follow the prompts given by customer service. You will be asked to provide some personal information and choose a new phone from the available selection. Once your upgrade is complete, your new phone will be shipped to you free of charge.

assurance wireless activation

What Steps Follow After Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade?

After upgrading your Assurance Wireless phone, there are a few steps you need to follow in order to ensure that your new phone is properly set up.

First, you will need to activate your new phone by calling the Assurance Wireless customer care line at 1-888-321-5880. Once your new phone has been activated, you can begin the process of transferring your old account information over to the new device.

To do this, you will need to log into your My Account page on the Assurance Wireless website and select the option to “Change My Phone.” From here, you will be able to enter the serial number of your new phone and begin the transfer process. Once this is complete, all of your old account information should now be accessible on your new device.

If you have any trouble completing these steps or have any other questions about upgrading your Assurance Wireless phone, please contact customer care for assistance.

How To Switch Your Assurance Wireless Service from Your Old Phone to A New Upgrade Phone?

Assurance Wireless

If you’re looking to upgrade your Assurance Wireless service from your old phone to a new one, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

First, you’ll need to make sure that your new phone is compatible with the Assurance Wireless service.

Second, you’ll need to activate your new phone with Assurance Wireless. And finally, you’ll need to port your old phone number over to your new phone.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your Assurance Wireless service:

1. Make sure that your new phone is compatible with the Assurance Wireless service. The best way to do this is by checking the list of supported devices on the Assurance Wireless website. If your device is not listed, it, unfortunately, cannot be used with the service.

2. Activate your new phone with Assurance Wireless by following the instructions on their website or by calling their customer support line at 1-888-321-5880. Once activated, you should be able to use all of the features of the service including making and receiving calls and texts as well as accessing data services like email and the internet (if applicable).

3. Finally, you’ll need to port your old phone number over to your new phone so that people can still reach you at the same number they’ve always called/texted. To do this, simply contact customer support and they will assist you in transferring your number over within 1-2 business days usually without any issues.

Assurance Wireless Phone Activation Process:

After you have completed the application process and been approved for the Assurance Wireless program, you will need to activate your phone before you can start using it. The activation process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to activate your Assurance Wireless phone:

  1. Charge your phone’s battery.
  2. Turn on your phone and wait for it to power up fully.
  3. Find the activation code that came with your phone or was sent to you in your approval letter from Assurance Wireless. This code will be 12 digits long.
  4. Enter the activation code into your phone when prompted.
  5. Follow any additional instructions that may be provided during the activation process. 6a After completing these steps, your phone should be activated and ready to use!

How To Get Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone?

If you are in need of a new phone, there are a few options available to you. One option is to purchase a new phone outright.

This can be expensive, especially if you do not have insurance. Another option is to get a replacement phone through your wireless carrier. This may also be expensive, depending on your carrier and the type of phone you need. A third option is to get an Assurance Wireless replacement phone.

Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program that provides free cell phones and free monthly minutes to eligible low-income households. If you qualify for the program, you can receive a free cell phone and up to 250 free minutes each month. You can use these minutes to call family and friends, or for any other purpose. If you need more minutes, you can purchase them at a discounted rate.

If your Assurance Wireless phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a replacement phone by calling customer service at 1-888-321-5880. When requesting a replacement phone, you will need to provide your account number and mailing address so that the new phone can be sent to you. You will also need to pay a small shipping and handling fee when requesting a replacement phone.

What Phones Are Compatible with Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline cell phone service provider, offering eligible customers free Virgin Mobile phones and minutes. Assurance Wireless is brought to you by Virgin Mobile USA and is a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund.

To be eligible for a free Assurance Wireless phone, customers must participate in at least one of these programs:

  • Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI),
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) or Veterans Pension benefit.

If the household does not have any members participating in any of these programs, then the customer’s total household income must be at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines for their state.

Customers can bring their own compatible phone to use with Assurance Wireless service, as long as it meets certain requirements. The phone must be an unlocked GSM device that uses either the 850 MHz or 1900 MHz frequency band and supports 3G data services on WCDMA 2100 MHz. The phone also needs to have roamed Virgin Mobile USA’s network within the past 12 months.

To check if your current phone is compatible with Assurance Wireless service, visit

How To Qualify for Assurance Wireless Lifeline service?

There are a few requirements you must meet in order to qualify for the Assurance Wireless Lifeline service.

  • First, you must participate in either Medicaid, Food Stamps/SNAP, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • If you don’t participate in any of those programs, you can still qualify if your total household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

To prove your eligibility, you will need to provide some form of documentation. For proof of participation in Medicaid, Food Stamps/SNAP, or TANF, you can use a benefit award letter, eligibility card, or similar document from the program representative. If your annual household income is below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you can provide copies of tax returns from the last year or pay stubs from the last 3 months.

How To Apply for Assurance Wireless Lifeline Services?

Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program that provides free and low-cost cell phone services to eligible customers. To qualify for the program, customers must either have an active Medicaid card or meet certain income requirements.

First, you need to gather some documents that will prove your eligibility for the program. These include things like your most recent tax return, pay stubs, or social security benefits statement.

Next, you need to fill out an application form which can be found on the Assurance Wireless website. Once you have completed the form, you will need to submit it along with your supporting documentation to an Assurance Wireless provider in your area.

You can also purchase additional minutes at discounted rates if necessary. There are no contracts or fees associated with Assurance Wireless service so it is truly affordable mobile coverage for those who qualify.


If you’re an Assurance Wireless customer, you may have been wondering if it’s worth upgrading your phone. After all, the service is free, so why spend money on a new phone? Well, there are actually quite a few reasons to upgrade your phone with this network.

For one thing, newer phones tend to have better battery life than older models. If you’re constantly running out of juice, upgrading to a newer phone could help you stay connected longer throughout the day. Newer phones also tend to have better processors and more memory than older models, so if your current phone is starting to feel slow, upgrading could give you a significant speed boost. And of course, newer phones always have the latest and greatest features – like fingerprint scanners and facial recognition – that can make your everyday life more convenient.

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to upgrade your Assurance Wireless phone, consider these benefits and make your decision accordingly. You may find that it’s well worth spending a little bit of money for a whole lot of improvement!


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