Best Dot Matrix Printers in Nigeria 2021

What are the best dot matric printers in Nigeria 2021? Dot matrix printing, also known as impact matrix printing, is a computer-assisted printing technique in which ink is delivered to a surface using a low-resolution dot matrix as a layout. Dot matrix printers, unlike non-impact printers, can produce carbon copies and carbonless copies since they employ mechanical pressure to print. Their printing expenses are also considerably lower because maintenance is rarely required.

Dot matrix printers are great for data recording since they can print multi-part pages. Their consumable life is often considerably higher than that of laser or inkjet printers, and prints normally fade rather than stopping completely, as happens when an ink or toner cartridge runs out.

Dot matrix printers are very dependable and are recommended when printing dependability is more essential than print quality. The list compiled below is made up of 9-Pin Dot Matrix Printers and 24-Pin Dot Matrix Printers.

How I Selected and Rated The Best Dot Matrix Printers.

To pick the best dot matric printers below I analyzed top professional sources, expert reviews on YouTube and over 6,000 user feedbacks on Amazon, Jumia, Konga etc.

To be clear, I did not conduct any hands-on performance testing on most of the printers listed below. I relied on reviews from tech websites like Pcmag, CNET, and some tech youtuber reviews to help me make the decisions. So my recommendations are based on research, reporting, and some time spent in some printer showroom.

I’ve compiled a list of the top dot matric printers, top picks from popular brands such as HP printers, Xerox printers, Epson printers, Canon printers, Lexmark printers, Brother printers to help you pick your ideal dot matric printers.

Some of the dot matric printers listed below are considered cheap.

List of the Best Dot Matrix Printers.

The printers listed below range in price from the cheapest Dot Matrix printers in Nigeria to the most expensive Dot Matrix printers in Nigeria.

Quick advice for buying a Dot Matrix Printer.

All specs and features I considered before choosing the best Dot Matrix printers below. The first question that all printer buyers must answer is how much and what they plan to print.

When buying a new Dot Matrix printer, the operating costs are sometimes forgotten. It’s generally the case that the cheaper the printer, the higher the operating costs.

Dot Matrix Printer: Print heads with 9-24 pins are used in this type of printer. These pins generate patterns, dotted patterns on paper, which are then used to make individual characters. A 24 pin dot-matrix printer generates more dots than a 9 pin dot-matrix printer, resulting in higher quality and sharper letters. The rule of thumb is that the more pins there are, the clearer the lettering on paper will be.

Because the print mechanism travels through the whole print line in both directions, i.e. from left to right, then right to left, etc., the pins strike the ribbon separately. A dot-matrix printer may be used to generate color output (the user will change the black ribbon with a ribbon which has colour stripes). These printers are low-cost and typically print at a rate of 100-600 characters per second.

Displays: Though a conventional display may consist of one or two lines of character-based text, higher-end and photo-oriented printers may have a full-color LCD with touch functionality.

Consider the cost of ink: printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids you’ll ever buy, especially given how much of it never makes it to the page.

Paper handling: They have input and output trays that can store at least 100 sheets of paper.

Printer Speed: PPM (pages per minute), sometimes known as CPM (copies per minute), determines how fast your printer can print. The more pages printed, the faster the printer can duplicate or print your document.

Best Dot Matrix Printers Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria

Epson LQ350 Printer

97,839.00  in stock
as of October 10, 2021 1:59 am

Best Ever dot matrix printer!! 

Epson FX2190 Epson Printer

 out of stock
as of October 10, 2021 1:59 am

At a class-leading 680 cps up to A3 size, this 9-pin printer handles medium to large volume printing quicker than ever, fast, reliable printing. Enjoy 24-pin quality up to A3 size and 576 cps.Multi-part flexibility. Print up to 6-part forms (1 original + 5 copies)Paper handling. Choose from...

Epson DFX 9000 Dot Matrix Printer

1,800,000.00  in stock
as of October 10, 2021 1:59 am

Printing Method: 9-pin, serial impact dot matrixPrint Direction: Bidirectional logic seeking for text and graphics printing. Unidirectional text or graphics printing can be selected using software commands.Print Speed:High Speed Draft: High Speed Draft 1550 cps (10 cpi)Draft: 1320 cps (10...

Epson Lq-350 24-pin Dot Matrix Printer

as of October 22, 2021 7:25 pm

Printing Method Impact dot matrix
Number of Pins 24 pins
Number of columns 80 columns
Pins 24 Needles
Printing Speed HighSpeed-Draft: 10 cpi: 347 chars/s, LQ: 10 cpi: 86 chars/s, Draft: 10 cpi: 260 chars/s
Carbon Copies 3 plus one original
Printing Resolution 360 x 180 DPI
Interfaces USB 2.0 Type B, RS-232, Bidirectional parallel
Paper / Media Handling
Document Feed Single sheet rear, Continuous paper rear, Paper output rear
Paper Formats Sheet Paper (single- and multi-layer), Continuous Paper (single- and multi-layer), Labels (single- and multi-layer), Roll Paper, Envelopes

  • This product is available at, Jumia, Konga.
  • At you can purchase Epson LQ-590II 24-pin Dot Matrix Printer - Monochrome for only $341.87, which is 100% less than the cost in Jumia (₦1,800,000.00).
  • The lowest price of Epson DFX 9000 Dot Matrix Printer was obtained on October 10, 2021 1:58 am.


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