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In 2025, the FPC market will gain $16.6 billion with a increasing wearables demand

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According to Global and China Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Industry Report, 2019-2025, increasing demand for Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) products from wearables, smart cars and drones will drive the FPC market to reach $16,642 billion in 2025 , with a CAGR of 5.5 per cent between 2018 and 2025. FPC products are used for monitor, touch control, fingerprint recognition in smartphones and tablet PCs, etc.

In 2018, smartphones, tablet PCs and ordinary computers accounted for about 39.8%, 15.8% and 9.1% of the FPC market separately, while communications and automotive electronics accounted for about 14.6%. New energy vehicles will be a new hotspot on the FPC industry chain and demand from emerging markets such as automotive electronics will help the FPC industry expand. It is predicted that automobile will command 17.8% of FPC market in 2025, says a press release.

China still leads the world in FPC output value in spite of small scale of its Flexible Printed Circuit vendors.

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By and large, Nippon Mektron as the world’s largest flexible board vendor performed poorly in 2016 due to the downturn in the smartphone market before the vigorous development of Flexible Printed Circuit automotive manufacturing technologies and flexible substrates by 2017.

Inter Flex, which supplies the most FPCs for iPhone, manufactured flexible copper clad laminates (FCCL) using Cu sputtering deposition technology on PI films, and FPCs with semi-additive-process (SAP) I-Soft substrates over the past few years.

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