Is ps4 worth buying in 2023?

PS4: PlayStation 4 Console

Is it worth buying a 2023 Play Station 4? Yes, as it is likely that the PS5 will be released in 2020. The PS4 still reigns supreme, but it’s being phased out by Sony as well.

It’s worthwhile getting a PS4 Pro right now. For most players, the cost has come down to a more fair price point and it’s still the best console you can buy before the next generation is released. There is no need to wait for a year to play any PlayStation games.

How much is ps4 in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the Sony PS4 price ranges from 130,000 Naira to 270,000 depending on your country’s location and bundled games or/and accessories.

What is the lowest price for a ps4 (Play Station 4)?

  1. Black bundle. Sony – PlayStation 4 1TB.
  2. Sony PlayStation 4 Slim.
  3. PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console.
  4. PlayStation 4 Console – 1TB.

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PS4 Bundle Deals

The best PS4 bundles in Fri, Mar, 2023, offers and prices. We have also listed Sony Console offers below from top retailers, whether you are looking for a PlayStation 4 bundle or a good PS4 Pro.

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Should I buy ps4 or ps5?

Unless you want a new console right now, then your only option is probably a PS4. However, if you’re able to wait for more efficient hardware and to afford a smaller games library, it might be the wiser bet to save your money for the PS5.


For now, you ‘re not going to find an offer on PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro consoles, but you can get discounts on PS4 games and accessories.

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  • Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset.
  • BEBONCOOL PS4 Stand Cooling Fan.
  • PlayStation VR – Mega Blood + Truth Everybody’s Golf Bundle.
  • Gaming Headset with Mic, Noise Canceling.

Oculus Touch Controllers: Using the award-winning Oculus Touch controllers to arm yourself. Through VR, your slashes, throws and catches appear with intuitive, practical accuracy, taking your hands and movements right into the game

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Should I buy a gaming console?

Sure, game consoles are really cool but don’t even think about buying a Nintendo …

Is gaming a waste of time?

When people say playing video games is a waste of time, they refer to those who play the entire day or the whole night. Video games enable people to relax, replenish their energy and make other areas of life more productive. Gambling video games together is a perfect way to connect with family and friends.

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