Is This 1440p 144Hz Monitor Worth It?

DisplayNinja staff


Unfortunately, there is no backlight strobing capability on the ASUS XG32VQ monitor, so you’ll need to settle for a 4ms response time (gray to gray pixel transition) with six different overdrive (OD) settings.

You will find the ‘OD’ option in the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu, with six levels ranging from 0 to 5. Overall, setting the ‘Level 3’ overdrive option provides the best results with the least amount of ghosting and overshooting required.

Even then, there is noticeable ghosting expected from a VA panel irrespective of its high refresh rate.

The ghosting is tolerable on balance since you get some dark blacks as a trade-off, so if you mostly play fast-paced competitive games, you can rather find an IPS or a high refresh rate gaming monitor.

If you prefer more graphically oriented games and single-player FPS, because of the immersive quality of the picture, you won’t mind the ghosting.

Moreover, the performance of the ASUS XG32VQ input lag is excellent, with only 4ms of measured delay.


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