LG 32UK550 Review 2019: Budget 32″ 4K HDR Gaming Monitor

Lg 32uk550 Review 2020


The LG 32UK550 monitor is focused on Innolux’s VA (Vertical Alignment) panel that offers a 3,000:1 static contrast ratio, a large 95 per cent DCI-P3 color gamut, 10-bit color depth support, and a 300-nit peak brightness.

Today, as in other VA panel displays, the key advantage here is the contrast ratio. In addition, 4K monitors that use certain panel technologies (IPS and TN) have a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 at this price point.

This means blacks will be darker on the LG 32UK550, and whites will be brighter providing a more realistic viewing experience, particularly in the dark rooms.

So far as color reproduction is concerned, IPS display rule supreme as it comes to accuracy and quality with colours.

Nevertheless, the LG 32UK550 has a broad backlight color gamut that enables it to cover 95 percent of the color space in DCI-P3 (equivalent to ~125 percent sRGB). Compatible content (HDR, Blu-rays, etc.) can result in more vivid and lifelike colours.

Content which does not follow DCI-P3 but depends on the larger sRGB gamut would have saturated colors resulting in neon-like hues. Some users like that, others do not look pinkish as reds, yellow might be similar to white, etc.

Sadly, there is no emulated sRGB profile, but rather you may use the Rec.709 picture mode that is basically similar to sRGB whether you need more precise color reproduction to create content, or whether you simply don’t want the saturated colors that the DCI-P3 gamut provides.

Clearly, an IPS panel display is favored for advanced color-accurate research but the LG 32UK550 should do just fine with certain entry-level and simple content development.

Although the display supports HDR (High Dynamic Range), it does not meet VESA’s DisplayHDR 400 entry-level rating allowing at least 400 nits of peak brightness, whereas the 32UK550 has 300-nits.

The HDR400 certification doesn’t actually mean anything, because there are certain displays with a peak brightness of 400-nit, but they don’t have as good resolution and contrast, nor as large color gamut as the 32UK550.

So, while DisplayHDR 400 certification might be possible on an HDR monitor, the LG 32UK550 actually offers better HDR picture quality than other HDR400 displays!

Clearly a display requires even greater peak brightness (at least 600-nits) as well as regional dimming for a very successful HDR viewing experience, although that will also significantly raise the price of the monitor.

All in all, despite its size, the LG 32UK550 display provides decent quality of the SDR and HDR images.


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