LG 38GL950G Review: Best UltraWide Gaming Monitor

LG 38GL950G Review 2020: Best 38

To begin with, the monitor has a screen resolution of 3840×1600 pixels and results in a large pixel density of 110 PPI (pixels per inch) on its 38′′ (37.5′′) viewable screen.

Most people consider this pixel per inch ratio to be perfect because you get loads of screen real estate as well as bright and clear details, so you don’t have to do any scaling.

In addition, the Nano IPS panel of the LG 38GL950 G monitor has 178 ° wide viewing angles and a 98% DCI-P3 (135 per cent sRGB) color gamut resulting in vibrant and consistent colors.

It is also factory tuned and comes with an emulated sRGB color profile in case you need more precise color representation.

Although endorsing HDR (High Dynamic Range) with VESA’s DisplayHDR 400 designation, the 450-nit peak brightness and static contrast ratio ranging between 700:1 and 1000:1 (depending on the specific display unit) offer an excellent underwater HDR viewing experience.

Some HDR content will look a bit better, but without local dimming, you can’t really experience a ‘true’ HDR image on a backlit LED monitor.

At any point, HDR is not really the subject of the LG 38GL950G.

Instead, it excels in gaming responsiveness thanks to its quick pixel response time and high refresh rate, whereas its broad screen, high resolution and wide color gamut also give an outstanding SDR picture.

Of course, owing to the weak ~1,000:1 static contrast ratio, blacks would not be almost as dark as those of similarly priced VA panel monitors, but such screens have their own drawbacks, such as slightly slower reaction time and not as reliable or vivid colors.

Conversely, you might be interested in a 27′′ 4 K 144Hz gaming display such as the ASUS PG27UQ with an IPS screen and local dimming.

It offers both quick reaction time and ‘real’ HDR viewing experience with stellar contrast and brightness – but then you’ll miss the immersion that this gigantic 38′′ ultra-wide monitor provides.

But, there’s no great game console here. You still have to sacrifice something, whether it’s contrast, motion visibility, screen size, or something else — you always have to find the right solution for you.


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