LG reveals new Tone+ True wireless headphones, which clean themselves

Right now, the news regarding wireless headphones is especially strong. Though actors like Sony, Huawei or Apple are introducing versions whose strength point is strong noise suppression and that Microsoft is equipping the Earbuds with a real-time interpreter, LG surprised and reveals the exclusive and initial features of the Tone+ Free headphones.

By integrating an anti-bacterial UV lamp into the charging case, the Korean manufacturer ensures that the earphones are always clean. This is the first organization to sell a drug that knows too much for the health of the body.

A UV lamp in the case to eliminate bacteria

The majority of the features are much more conventional than that. Each earphone has a touchpad to make calls, control the playback of music, or make a request to Google Assistant. Headphones have IPX4 clearance, which ensures they are immune to both environmental hazards and splashes of water, but not to immersion. So it’s convenient to use them during a winter jog, but not to swim in the pool.

If the previous LG wireless headphones provided only three hours of autonomy, the new generation should double that time. It is still uncertain how many recharges the case would require.

Tone+ Free earphones will be released on the Korean market in black by the end of the month. It would be best to wait until November to have them in gold. They ‘re available for 259,999 won, or around $218. LG did not indicate how the marketing should be expanded globally.


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