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Gamemax Monitors

Gamemax Monitors: If you don’t have a monitor with a high enough refresh rate to view those high frames, it’s essentially pointless to have the best gaming laptop or PC with powerful components. Buy one for yourself!

GameMax focuses on gaming goods so that anyone can have a good time without breaking the bank. With advanced environmental technologies and cutting-edge design, GameMax’s computer case and power supply products are extremely common among game players.

The GAMEMAX was already well-known in North America among gamers. To design the products, GAMMAX adhered to the philosophy of “a good product based on environmental technology.” These received industry acclaims as well as the approval of gamers.

GameMax GMX24C144

The GameMax GMX24C144 offers a beautiful viewing experience for work or play, thanks to its immersive curved screen. The display has an 1800R curve and an NTSC color coverage of 85 percent to provide the ideal combination of comfort and immersion. For a seamless gaming experience, a high 144Hz refresh rate provides smooth animations with minimal input lag, while AMD FreeSyncTM practically removes screen tearing and stuttering.

This GameMax GMX24C144 monitor has a low input lag to give users a more smooth viewing experience. GameMax’s multi-input connector presets are also included with the GMX24C144, ensuring optimal screen output for a variety of home entertainment applications such as watching movies, editing images, and playing video games. DisplayPort, HDMI ports, and a DVI input provide a wide range of networking options for both business and entertainment.

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