MSI MAG251RX Review: 240Hz Gaming Monitor

MSI MAG251RX Review 2020: Best Value 240Hz Gaming Monitor


The MSI MAG251RX is based on the new AU Optronics IPS (AHVA) panel with 178° wide viewing angles, 400-nit peak brightness, 1,000:1 static contrast ratio, ~100% sRGB color gamut, 1080p resolution, and 10-bit color depth support.

These requirements can also be found in more cost-effective IPS displays, but what makes the MSI MAG251RX monitor stand out is the high 240Hz refresh rate and the fast 1ms pixel response time.

Yeah, not only do you get vivid, true, and clear colors, but you also get amazing motion visibility in fast-paced video games with next-to-no-one ghosting or motion blur.

Broad viewing angles would always mean that the picture stays flawless irrespective of the position you ‘re staring at on the screen.

Although the 1920×1080 resolution the seem quite old compared to the other specifications, it will offer you a respectable pixel density on the 24.5′′ viewable MSI MAG251RX panel.

With approximately 90 pixels per inch, you get a reasonable amount of screen real estate when text and information are relatively bright and transparent.

More specifically, this ‘low’ resolution would enable you to sustain high frame rates in competitive games, ensuring buttery smooth output with low input lag and fluid motion.

The monitor has limited IPS glow and outstanding configuration out of the case, but these aspects can vary between various display units.

Finally, MSI MAG251RX supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) and carries VESA’s DisplayHDR 400 entry-level certification, which is basically meaningless.

Since the monitor lacks a broad variety of colors and local dimming, among other items, HDR material does not appear any better. In other words, you can ignore its ‘HDR support’ as it does not improve the image quality or increase the price of the display; the monitor only has the ability to accept the HDR10 signal.


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