MSI Pro M271P Full Specification, Price, Review, and Comparison

The MSI Pro M271P is an ideal 27-inch monitor for learning what you love from home, whether it’s programming, coding, and website design or reading spreadsheets. It’s important to have a comfortable display when programming or coding for extended periods of time to keep eye strain to a minimum. It’s essential to buy a monitor that’s the proper size, with enough screen real estate to work comfortably with many windows open without having to strain.

The Pro M271P is a business productivity monitor that debuted in 2021 which features a good IPS panel, FHD, Less Blue Light, Anti-Flicker, Anti-Glare, Adjustable Stand, Display Kit, VESA Mount Support & Built-in Speakers, Designed for those working from home or an office. 


The MSI Pro M271P is a 27-inch model with 93.1% sRGB coverage and an IPS display that optimizes the screen color and brightness. The latter, in particular, helps in a variety of ways by offering a 178° wide viewing angle that you can clearly view the screen from any side when discussing with your co-worker and friends.

This display is a business productivity monitor. The MSI Pro M271P has a nearly frameless appearance, a full HD resolution of 1920×1080, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a 5 ms minimum response time.

The MSI Pro M271P features a W-LED backlight, a 1000:1 contrast screen, a good pixel density of 81 PPI, and comes with 24 bits filtering (6bits). This monitor has 250 cd/m² brightness and an anti-glare display that is designed to cut off the amount of light that reflects off the display.

MSI Pro M271P delivers crisp, clear images as you view photos, watch videos, work on documents, and video chat with clients and colleagues. The MSI Pro M217P supports an anti-flickering technology that ensures a comfortable viewing experience by eliminating screen flickering, to protect your eye against eye strain.

The monitor also supports a display kit that provides the most convenient tool for proper display and color mode while working with it every day. Other features include Less blue light technology to help block and absorb the blue light generated from the screen and shield your eyes from the harmful effect of blue light.


The design and connectivity options are quite impressive. The height of the monitor can be adjusted up to 120mm and it is enough to put the top line of the picture below eye level.

Furthermore, the monitor may be adjusted up to 8° forward to 20° backward tilt and has a 30°/30° swivel. When the monitor has put in a pivot position of 90° the edge of the screen will practically touch the table. The MSI Pro M271P comes with 2×2W in-built speakers that allow users to listen to audio files, attend online courses, or edit videos at any time without carrying an external speaker or wearing headphones.

The MSI Pro M271P supports 100×100 standard VESA mounting holes. Alternatively, you can mount a mini-desktop onto the back of the monitor to transform it into an all-in-one system. This monitor has no in-built camera but comes with HDMI and D-sub (VGA) ports that help keep the flexibility with the dual sources for your different devices.


The MSI Pro M271P is an ideal monitor for learning with a 60Hz refresh rate and a smooth response time. However, the MSI Pro M271P has a safe minimum to the maximum operating temperature of 0°C- 40°C; in internal storage temperature -20°C- 600°C. 

This MSI Pro M271P display monitor has 10% up to 90% humidity, 5000 maximum operating altitude, and consumes an average power of 23 watts. Nevertheless, it has 100V – 120V; 220V – 240 V permissible voltage tolerance, and 50Hz up to 60Hz average current frequency.

Because of its 27-inch display, the MSI Pro M271P should be considered as an average multitasking monitor. This monitor features a 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution on a 27-inch screen. The pixel density is still very high despite its larger size, so text appears incredibly sharp.

The MSI Pro M271P is an excellent developer monitor. If you usually work in a well-lit environment, it becomes bright enough to overcome glare, but its reflection management is just adequate. It has a 75Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time to provide responsiveness. Unfortunately, it has a poor contrast ratio, like other IPS panel displays, making it unsuitable for dim environments.


The MSI Pro M271P is reasonably priced.

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2 used from $110.00
as of September 17, 2021 2:16 pm
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3 new from $234.90
3 used from $147.00
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31 new from $644.99
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  • At you can purchase MSI Pro MP271 on for only £112.98, which is 82% less than the cost in ($644.99).
  • The lowest price of MSI OPTIX MPG341CQR was obtained on September 17, 2021 4:23 pm.


If you are looking for a comfortable learning and a business productive monitor for mixed usage at a budgeted price, the MSI Pro M271P might be a good option to buy.



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