Samsung nu8000 review

Where To Buy Samsung nu8000


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Samsung nu8000 Specification

Flat TV Yes
Smart TV Yes
4K UHD Resolution Yes
Samsung OneRemote Yes
Audio Dolby ( Yes )
Wireless Connectivity Wi-Fi
Inputs & Outputs 4 HDMI
Power ENERGY STAR® Certified
Universal Guide Yes


Samsung nu8000 Pros

  • The stand and assembly are easy to set up.
  • Vivid colors
  • Frameless trim
  • Low Energy Usage
  • HDR+ mode

Samsung NU8000 Cons

  • The user interface is filled with a lot of ads and suggested content. It is important to note that none of the ads or suggested content can be disabled.
  • if you do not agree to all privacy agreements, many of the features on NU8000 will not work.
  • You can’t use a universal remote with the nu8000.

Samsung did a good job with the NU8000 on its picture quality, sound and options for settings, etc The NU8000 comes with the latest version of Samsung’s TV OS. Unboxing, assembling, and set up for this TV is easy.

This TV can be used to connect to a broad range of smart devices and appliances, from your fridge to your smartphone. Change room temperatures, see what’s in the fridge or who’s at your door.

Samsung NU8000 Design

Unboxing the NU8000 you get a visually appealing TV. While unboxing, Samsung provided cardboard guards that stick to the sides and protect the screen to prevent any damage to the screen while unboxing it.

At the back, a clean cable solution is in place to manage cords for a clean look.

Samsung nu8000 cable solution
Samsung nu8000 cable solution

You’ll also find four HDMI ports, two USB ports, an ethernet port, and an RF cable tuner jack for the indoor antenna at the back of this TV. The screen also uses a VA panel with edge-lit LED lighting.


At 1080p the Samsung NU8000 performed well. Sitting directly in front of the TV, in the dark, watching movies, makes everything look hyper-realistic like Playstation/Xbox game. This, sadly, seems to be how TV’s are rated now. To be fair, some of the hyper-realism can be toned down (for instance, there is a ‘movie’ mode, but that goes too far completely sucking the life out of the picture), but out of the box, it is pretty bad.

Comparing Samsung 2017’s model UN82MU8000 to Samsung NU8000. The Samsung nu8000 has better brightness, 120Hz refresh-rate support, and more vivid colors than last year’s MU8000 series.

Samsung nu8000 Speakers

The Samsung NU8000 speakers are really good at a distance of 12 ft from the TV in a bedroom, It produces a clear sound with full sound and clear voice. We don’t think you’ll need a soundbar.

NU8000 Sound is better than many TVs and soundbars. If you really want to create a cinema experience then you should get a 3.1 or 5.1 soundbar. Not a 2.1 so you can get clear an amazing sound, not just music.

NU8000 Gaming Experience

The NU8000 is definitely a great TV for gaming given the 4K HD picture quality.

If your a gamer this could be the best gaming TV on the market for Xbox one X and S users. The NU8000 supports FreeSync with FreeSync selected in game mode on my Xbox one X. Dynamic streaming games on the big screen without a separate set-top box is possible. The Steam Link app lets you stream all your favorite games seamlessly with amazing graphics and speed.

A great 4K picture with the Xbox one X. Great upscaling for 720p and 1080p.

Your gaming console automatically optimizes TV settings for an enhanced gaming experience with minimal input lag and ultra-fast refresh rates.

Should I buy the Samsung NU8000?

Yes, we definitely recommend you buy this TV. If you are concerned with how well your TV handles video games and best gaming performance, then these TVs is for you.

Where To Buy Samsung nu8000


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