At the SID Display Week 2019, BOE exhibit a number of flexible OLED and 8K displays

At the SID Display Week 2019, BOE exhibit a number of flexible OLED and 8 K displays

BOE introduced number of display solutions for different markets at SID Display Week 2019. The company exhibited its in-car driving scene consisting of a smart driver cabin and a three-unit spliced display screen in three rows with just 0.99 mm bezels. It gives visitors the opportunity to experience the brand-new future in-car display solution.

BOE replaces the traditional in-car LCD display with a flexible display of 12.3 inches, backed by the manufacturer’s OLED pixel compensation circuit technology. Also equipped with a 6.39-inch flexible display as an integrated rearview mirror, BOE’s smart cabin offers excellent viewing even during rainy or snowy days. It is also possible to apply flexible AMOLED displays on transparent A-pillars and this can solve the problem with blind spots in automotive design with the help of a camera. BOE already supplies high-end in-car solutions to US, German, UK, Japan, and South Korea automakers.

BOE also displayed the 12-bit BD CELL UHD display in regards to flexible display applications which features an ultra-high static contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1, and a black field brightness of fewer than 0,003 nits. It means that the image can be clearly displayed in every color and detail. BOE also presented a host of 8K products, including an 8 K 120Hz 75-inch display, a 3.5-inch 8 K display, and a 0.39-inch 8K spliced VR display. BOE is now speeding up the application of 8K in many fields under the “8425 Strategy” (promote 8K, popularize 4K, replace 2K and make good use of 5 G).

You can find additional information on the manufacturer’s website.

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