Samsung’s The Wall Luxury will go on sale in the UK in July

Samsung announced in July that The Wall Luxury would be available in the UK. Samsung’s The Wall Luxury is at the top of the high-end display range; thanks to its versatile modular LED panels, you can customize this TV to fit any residential or commercial space.

The Wall Luxury also features two distinct modes that enhance any chosen environment. The Entertainment Mode is when watching TV or playing games. The Ambient Mode transforms the display into a “digital canvas” designed to enliven any space.

The Wall Luxury uses a new process to produce LEDs where the pixels are only 0.8 mm, which means that you can use even more pixels for richer, denser, higher-quality imagery in each frame.

To enhance contrast, this TV uses HDR10 + to produce incredible levels of brightness combined with precise grayscale, ensuring a crystal-clear picture in any light. It also maximizes image quality with AI upscaling, while the Quantum Processor enables intuitive size adjustment of resolution to screen.

Damon Crowhurst, Samsung UK’s head of visual display, remarks: As the world’s first consumer modular LED screen solution. The Wall Luxury delivers the ultimate flexibility for people wanting to customize their homes with bespoke display solutions on design without compromising on top-of-the-range technology.

Consumers will no longer have to sacrifice the design of their homes to accommodate standard screen sizes. With Samsung’s The Wall Luxury, we provide infinite screen size and shape possibilities which reimagine the total viewing experience.”


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