What is the best LG television? Take a look at the best LG TVs with detailed reviews, specifications, prices, and features. This post features some of the best LG televisions with LED, OLED display, IPS display, 2K, 4K, 8K, etc. for watching sports, movies, office use, for gaming on the Xbox or the PlayStation.

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Is LG a good TV?

LG has so far proved to be an outstanding company in its designs and features. Although LG is known for its solid electronics, it is often disregarded as a luxury brand.

Are LG 4k TVs any good?

Yes, LG 4K TVs are good. LG offered the world an OLED 4K, UHD / HDR Smart TV with its “C” series which, according to reviews online, is one of the best TVs … with an excellent high-definition picture, excellent UHD performance, and excellent sound.

Best LG TVs at a glance:

  • Best LG TVLG E9 OLED.
  • Affordable LG TVLG B9 OLED.
  • Best LCD: LG 9 Series NanoCell.

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Specifications and Features

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Is LG NanoCell better than OLED?

The LG 4k UHD C9 features a dedicated OLED image processor with AI image optimization, while the NanoCell is an alternative large viewing angle LED TV with high colour accuracy.

Is LG better than Sony?

Both TVs are basically at the same level in terms of picture quality. In general, Sony TVs should have higher quality pictures than LG TVs.

Do LG OLED TVs last long?

According to LG (the only major OLED panel manufacturer), although OLED panels lose their brightness over time, it takes about 54 years to reduce their brightness to 50 percent. However, if your OLED TV lasts for 54 years or not, it’s also going to last longer if the brightness is not always peak.

Is TCL better than LG?

However, LG usually has better viewing angles. Generally, TCL TVs delivers decent picture quality and great features at low prices.


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