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Wearables (Smartwatches) Buying Guide

A smartwatch is more like a watch that has the potential to process information and satisfy the basic technological needs of the watch. With mobile technology evolving, several conventional electronic devices have now started to incorporate mobile features, Watches that can only be used to track time in the past can now connect to the Internet via smartphones or home networks to view incoming call data, social media notifications and information about weather.

Currently, smartwatches are not only equipped with information but are also used to track fitness, fitness and entertainment, and other activities. For example, several smartwatches currently have heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, tracking of movements, daily recall features, etc. Others can also respond to the phone and connect Bluetooth to listen to music.

Five features of Smart Watches (wearables buying guide)

  • Battery life
  • Sports modes
  • Display
  • Design
  • Memory
  • Waterproof grade

Battery life

Currently, the majority of smartwatches on the market last within 4 days and most buyers are happy with longer than 7-day battery life. The longer the battery life, the lower the number of charges, and the better the experience for the user sports modes.

Sports modes

The basic configuration smartwatch is for 9-12 modes. There are hundreds of sports modes available for professional, smart sports watches.


Morden smartwatch displays come in various shapes and sizes, and this ranges from nearly bezel-less, notch display, and waterdrop notch, to a bezel-less smartwatch. It allows one to get a feel of how the screen looks.


When buying a smartwatch, you also have to consider the materials that make up the body and structure of the wearable. Whether steel or plastic.


Random Access Memory(Volatile memory) in the smartwatch. The amount of RAM in a smartwatch is responsible for how many apps will stay in memory and will not have to reload. While the internal storage capacity, the non-removable hardware storage inside the smartwatch, Is responsible for all file storage and applications thereon. The entire system runs on internal storage, which makes it excellent.

Waterproof grade

IP certified. Ingress safety available which includes water, dust, and shock resistance depending on the certification. The common waterproof categories in smartwatches include IP67, IP68, and 5ATM (IP67 generally refers to waterproof life, etc.

IP68 typically refers to the availability of underwater 1.5 meters, soak for 30 minutes for use in swimming (cold water) and domestic waterproofing, 5ATM waterproof grade, ATM is the abbreviation of the English anti-pressure value, increasing the pressure equivalent to 1 atmosphere every 10 meters in underwater depth.

This is, 5ATM = 50 m waterproof, meaning it can be used for water sports in shallow waters like swimming pools or surfing on the seaside.

Three things to consider before buying a smartwatch (wearables buying guide).

Compatibility and functions
Quality price
Design and Battery

Compatibility and functions

Compare prices and functions for the different brands, even though you are certainly keen also on a design: verify that you have exchangeable bands and are available on the market if a smartwatch is required for any occasion.

We’ve mentioned some of the features that sports fans like the most, but everyone still uses others. The advantage of wearing a smartwatch is you don’t need to bring your cell phone with you, but you need to be able to make and receive hands-free phone calls, get updates from WhatsApp and Facebook as well as check messages, including voice commands.

The smartwatch should be able to store music you can listen to during a workout or when taking a walk, and the wearable should be able to download apps or games.

Quality price

Many smartwatches for all needs are already available; some have a small amount; for others, the cost is substantial. The future of technology seems to be wearable. It all depends on your needs.

Some functions we have already talked about, are those that sportspeople enjoy most, but there are other functions that everyone uses sometimes.

The benefit of getting a smartwatch is that you don’t need to carry your mobile phone with you so hands-free calls can be made and received, social media updates can also be received and text messages can be reviewed, maybe by voice commands.

You should be able to store songs on your smartwatch’s internal memory. However, there are several more applications that can be downloaded. Obviously, you must be prepared to spend ten or 20 times the price for a standard smartwatch with all the features listed above.

Design and Battery

Compare prices and functions for the various models. Still, you are undoubtedly keen also on a design: verify that you have interchangeable straps and are available on the market if a smartwatch is needed for any occasion.
Some smartwatches are very similar in appearance to regular watch and are suitable for fashion lovers. Check the flexibility of the battery. It’s evident that their duration depends on the use and the settings, but specific models are distinct compared with other models, and it can be optimal when used very often.

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