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RandomUnbox covers tech news, unboxing & product reviews.

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What We Do

Our core duties include unboxing and reviewing mobile phones, TV, PC, Monitor, Wearables, Gaming console and listing out their specifications, features, then recommending these devices based on their features.

To review and recommend the best products possible, we rely heavily on proper research methods.

Our Mission

We help you find, research and choose the most suitable product for you, we aim to publish the most up-to-date, useful product (Mobile phones, TVs, PCs, Monitors, Wearables, Gaming console) reviews.

What Products Do We Test?

We are currently reviewing Mobile phones, TVs, PCs, Monitors, Wearables, and Gaming consoles.

Please let us know here if you have a particular Mobile phone, TV, PC, Monitor, Wearable, and Gaming console that you want us to review.

How We Are Monetized

We have other operating costs, such as:

  • Web hosting
  • Purchasing products
  • Maintaining our websites

We use referral links to help us to pay our expenses.

We may receive a commission if you buy a product after clicking on one of our referral links. You can read our full statement about our affiliate here.

The referral links cost nothing extra to you. You’re just helping us for free.

Referral links inform the website that you are being referred to that you came from RandomUnboxtv.com.

Not all of our external links are referral links, this does not affect the product pricing or our selection process whatsoever, and it enables us to continue operating our website while serving fewer ads to you – which are already low in number for a better and more enjoyable reading experience across all devices.

In fact, we are monetized by the Google AdSense program, which allows publishers like us to earn revenue by displaying advertisements. We only view non-intrusive and stable advertisements because Google vets all the ads.

Have you got any questions?

Do you have any questions anyway? Would you like to get our support by choosing the right display? You want us to test and review a new mobile phone, TV, PC, Monitor, Wearables, Gaming console?

Please feel free to contact us then! On weekdays we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.